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About Lane Johnson

Contractor – Lane has been a contractor since 1976. He has built new homes, remodeled homes and restored homes damaged by fire, water and wind in Kansas, Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Florida. 
Expert and Trainer – Since 1992 as a construction expert for the Texas Association of Realtors, Vale Training Solutions and various other construction and adjusting training organizations. He has been a state certified CE provider for Texas and Oklahoma and provided both in house and onsite training in construction and property loss adjusting. He has also provided both commercial and dwelling policy training and interpretation for ISO, manuscript and non-standard policies. 
Licensed Insurance Adjuster – Lane has licensed adjuster experience in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and California. Former COO of Pacesetter Claims Service. 
Dispute Resolution – Extensive experience in Appraisal Under the Policy, Mediation and litigated claims.
Expert Witness – Lane’s unique skill set brings extensive authority to cost of loss and appropriate scope of repair. Both his narrative reports and testimony are well prepared and easily understood.

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Litigation and the Property Claims Process

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Litigation in the property claims process is a fact of life. Each party views the loss from a different perspective and from a completely different frame of reference. It is the experience of Johnson Dispute Resolution and Claims Analysis that reaching settlement and avoiding long and drawn out litigation requires several elements;

  • Undisputed cause of loss. This is often provided by a qualified engineering firm or cause and origin expert that can provide a defendable argument as to cause of loss. While each side may provide differing arguments, it is usually the most clearly stated, rationally defended and impartial opinion that prevails. 

  • Detailed and accurate scope of loss. While estimates are just exactly that, estimates, they still are required to accurately identify the damage in question as to quantity, grade, condition and repairability. The estimate must provide a rational basis for settlement and address all the potential concerns both relevant or imagined. 

  • Complete and understandable narrative. While the estimate should comprise a standalone document, there is still a need to address and explain the rationale behind the estimating process. Complete and through narrative explaining that estimate is critical in creating a defendable position in litigation

  • Factual and unbiased testimony. Stating the facts of the loss and defending the created estimate in an unbiased and non-adversarial manner is critical in bringing resolution. The best answer to a differing position is a prepared fact-oriented answer. 

Johnson Dispute Resolution and Claims Analysis can interpret and accurately apply engineering reports to appropriate estimating, created detailed and defendable estimates of repair and provide fact based and unbiased testimony in the litigation process.

Property Claims Handling in Today’s Environment

The settling of property claims has become more complex and expensive than at any time on the past. Widespread catastrophic events, increased pressure by state regulatory bodies for faster claims settlement and mounting skepticism of insurer fairness has created an often-hostile environment leading to ever increasing dispute. 

These unresolved disputes lead to litigation and consequentially rapidly escalate the loss adjusting expense (LAE). To mitigate this problem both states and insurers have devised and embraced methods to assist the process leading to resolution with protocols for appraisal and mediation. 

Johnson Dispute Resolution and Claims Analysis is uniquely qualified to assist in these options. With over 40 years of construction and restoration experience and 15 years of licensed claims handling Lane Johnsons brings tools, insight and experience in identifying both the appropriate repairs and acceptable and reasonable cost associated with them. 

Lane understands that each side of the claims process sees the desired result from a different perspective and bringing them together requires fairness, patience and, sometimes, realistic compromise.

A long history of a successful restorations, along with a myriad of settled claims and resolved property appraisals gives Lane an edge in providing expert service and qualified judgement. 

Let us assist you in providing quality and expertise to your clients and insureds.

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